Assessment Principles

Assessment Principles for Water Primary School

We are currently developing a set of principles for the design of an assessment system which supports learning. At the heart of the design is the curriculum (non-negotiables and expectations) and daily formative assessment.

We believe formative assessment is a very powerful tool to raise achievement and to fulfil our aim to enable children to become lifelong learners.

Effective formative assessment is....

We achieve this by:

Laying the foundations

Having effective starts to lessons

Developing the learning

Effective ends to the lessons

Asessment Cycle 

  1. National Curriculum Objectives
  2. Key Objectives or the class (non negotiables for the next class)
  3. Performance standard (summative) report to parents

The Process

Beginning of each term

1) Pupil Interviews

  • Discuss the term ahead
  • Strengths
  • Targets
  • Assessment from the previous term
  • Objectives for the next term
  • Home Learning

2) Daily Formative Assessment / Use of Success Criteria/ Marking and Feedback

3) Assessment checkpoints throughout the term

Writing - Extended writing after each unit of work

Reading - Guided Reading - notes on each child/ group

Maths - Skills check at the end of each unit/key learning objectives - misconceptions grouped and use TA/ Headteacher / SENCo for Big Maths check

At the end of each term

1) Pupil interviews/conferences - skills check

Reading Skills Check


Targets (Learning Ladders) - currently being trialled

Discussions around the curriculum 


Assessed using terminology centered on expectations against key learning objectives.


Assessed against performance descriptors for the year group derived from key learning objectives


In Reception

Development Matters Assessment

On Entry EYFS Baseline

EYFS ELG assessment at the end of the Reception Year


Termly writing assessments

A series of Maths skills checks

Assessment of foundation subjects

Termly Phonic Assessments

Year 1 Phonics Check



Unit writing assessments based on curriculum covered (Extended Writing)

Reading Assessment Test based on AFs

SATs style Reading Tests

Maths Assessments 

Annual assesment of each child in every foundation subject


All is used to aid transition systems, future planning and curriculum development.