Monitoring and Evaluation

Water Primary School has developed further improvements to their annual programme of governor visits to the school, focussed on gathering evidence to support school self-evaluation. The information gathered during these visits will enable the Governing body to:

  • Fulfil their statutory duties and responsibilities
  • Have a deeper understanding of the areas of strength and weakness within the school and observe the impact of school improvement actions.
  • Monitor the performance of the school – This will help Governors to better informed at meetings and to support and hold to account senior leaders in order to improve pupil outcomes
  • Talk to children and staff and the children about their experiences in school

Aims for Governor monitoring and evaluation programme

The planning and implementation of this programme will:

  • Governors will have a detailed focus on improvement strategies as well as information regarding subjects
  • Statutory audits – safeguarding and inclusion
  • Data analysis – This will establish the impact of school improvement priorities and identify further actions
  • Involve meetings between staff and governors – formal and informal
  • Learning Walks – with an agreed focus
  • Discussions with children on their learning
  • Reports completed by governors and shared during meetings
  • Ensure that all polices are in place and regularly reviewed 

Please see below our Monitoring and Evaluation Schedule for Governors


  1. Govenor M and E Aims
  2. Govenor M and E Protocol
  3. Water Primary School Governors Planner