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Okay – what to write? You have to know about Holes and its read-it-instantly (yes, that good) amounts of enjoyable! It has spanking-new funny adventures for all ages, and it doesn’t stop there! There is humour left and right coming out of the pages and flashing at you! This book has fab words and meaning, its words go WHOOSH at you, making laugh out loud for eternity! I guess it kind of just glimmers out of its bookcase.

The moral in this book is fab, and (spoiler alert!) it has a wonderful story. Stanley, the main character in this book, is at court for stealing a pair of shoes. And then, he is given a choice: Prison, or “summer camp”. (Don’t pick the camp, my advice!) Of course, Stanley picks the summer camp, and after a LONG bus ride, he sees it’s not what he thought. A depressed-dried-out camp ground, with depressed diggers digging holes, and then Stanley was put to the job. When I read this, I was so shocked I nearly jumped straight out of my bed while buzzing with happiness, and I’m telling the truth!

Zero, a digger of the camp, was recognised as Zero since he barely did anything. One thing about them was that he didn’t know common knowledge (he wasn’t schooled.) Soon after, Stanley told him some phonics/the alphabet in exchange for digging holes. (Zero is an ace digger.) I was laughing so hard at the twists here!

But, I appraise all of the twists that kept the book from being no-good as I would’ve lost it without the fun. I wouldn’t agree on how these twists are kind of predictable (Not too hard to understand.) Overall, this book is an absolute banger! What shall I rate this… The ace storytelling makes me want to say… 11/10, AKA. 6 stars out of 5! (I went higher!)

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