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Thrilling, emotional, plot twists. If these words excite you, you’re in the right place. In this blog, I’m going to tell you all about this amazing manga comic called Demon Slayer.

It’s about Tangaro whose sister got turned into a demon and for some reason she doesn’t hurt people (unlike other demons) and instead of needing human flesh to survive she needs to sleep. There is a main demon (who looks like Michel Jackson) and he might be able to turn Tangaro’s sister back. Eventually he becomes a demon slayer and to become one, he needs to cut a boulder in half with a delicate katana to be ready. Whilst he was training, he meets a demon that looks like a big blob of different demons. He does eventually cut the boulder and then he takes a test with other people to get his katana.

First-off I don’t see anything wrong with Demon slayer; the characters are great; the powers are great and even the katanas are great. I love the tension and the heart-breaking moments. My favourite parts are when Tangaro discovers a new breathing form and defeats the high-ranking demons. Demon slayer is a manga book and there is also a show based on it.  It’s rated 15+ but that is only because of some bad language but that rarely happens. It is a Japanese book so you reed it backwards also it has a lot of onomatopoeia like crash, zzzap and crunch.

There are many characters like: Tangaro, Nesuko (his sister), his mum, his dad, Zenitsu, the main demon and the 12 high ranking demons. Demon slayers (like I said earlier) have different powers based on their katanas. Tangaro has water powers and Zenitsu has electricity powers.

There are 20 books in the demon slayer series (so a lot). If it is your interests you can buy them online. So what are you waiting for go read them.

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