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Water Primary School



Hello fellow readers, all you need to know about The Grinch is that there is a man who steals Christmas and is not nice to children. Other than that, this is a funny, enjoyable movie. This man who is called The Grinch looks very weird; he has green skin and fur, green eyes and he has a dog named Max, who is a very nice dog and well trained too.

If you haven’t seen this film I would definitely recommend for you to watch this movie.

This movie is so enjoyable to watch; what I loved about The Grinch is that it is all about Christmas and it is very festive, I would recommend watching this film around Christmas! My favourite character is Jim Carrey; he has a hilarious personality and his acting is amazing. He’s dramatic with what he does in The Grinch and how he acts and that is perfect for a children’s film.

Well it’s my time to leave now. Bye everyone!

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