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WONDER by Olivia

Right- where do I start? Oh yeah, the summary. (Not any big spoilers, don’t worry.) So, there is a boy called August (nickname is Auggie) who has a deformed face. A sister called Olivia who is not deformed, a mum, dad and a dog called Daisy.

The main character is Auggie. (Sorry but another spoiler, I just have to share.) Auggie has actually never been to school but his mum thinks it’s a good idea so he goes to school but gets bullied but made a friend called Jack. No more spoilers now. Promise.

The book is so special to me because of the moral which is don’t judge a book by its cover. In in other books, people are strong and Auggie is strong but in a different way. Also, the jokes are just amazing. On the front of the book it says ‘You can’t blend in when you were born to stand out’ and I think that is true because Auggie was born with a deformed face and he can’t cover it, but he shouldn’t have to cover his face to make people feel comfortable.

Some of the best stuff so far is (the reason I am saying so far is because I haven’t read all the book yet…sorry guys but can’t wait to read the rest if it): There is so many plot twists like you think one thing will happen then boom! another thing does- CRAZY! When you have read it, you will want to read it again. Trust me. If you read sat down, not anymore, this book gets you on the edge of your chair then as soon as you known it you will be stood up. Guarantee.

I hope you will read it and enjoy it6tb as much as I am. I rate it a …6 out of 5.

Hope you enjoy!

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