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Water Primary School

Water Primary School


SPACE JAM by Oliver

Everyone stop watching Gansta Granny (it’s wasting 2 hours of your life what you will never get back!). Come on over and watch the amazing space jam! Turn your tv on and get some popcorn for this great movie.

Space jam is a cartoony and funny. The main characters are Bugs Bunny and Lebron James. I really enjoy it because: it’s got plenty of action; lots of comedy; very cartoony and good for kids. Let me tell you a little bit about the main parts (spoilers)- Some evil monsters who hate cartoon land take the souls of pro basketball players and get big and strong. They play a basketball match against Bugs Bunny’s team and get destroyed. They then had a bet that they play another match (they agree). The cartoons go to earth and take Lebron James. They now play the match and… you will have to watch to the end to see the final extraordinary fascinating ending!

Yes there are some boring parts in the movie but there only like 10-20 seconds long. However, I don’t think that there are many boring parts though and the rest is just magnificent. Everything is just the best! Watch this movie and have the greatest time of your life while you still can.

Will Bugs Bunny’s team win the game against the evil? watch to the end of the movie to find out!

In a while croc-o-dile.

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