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Do you like Tom Hanks? Do you like dogs? If you answered yes to any of those, well boy do I have the film for you. Come on down… to your sofa, grab a cuppa and switch on Turner and Hooch. The hilarious nineties comedy starring Tom Hanks, that will put you down in stiches from all the insane laughing.

This ace film is about a man and his dog. So, to give you a real     idea about what this film is here you go. It’s about a policeman’s friend who is killed and it’s up to him to track the killer down and to take care of the owner’s little pooch [it’s actually massive!]  However, the pooch the pooch [Hooch] is holding him back from his case and his relationships. Yes, there is romance but you can overlook those cringy scenes when you’ve got blooming Tom Hanks with a blooming dog! So yes, there’s romance but Hooch the dog is wrecking that via: wrecking his car, Living- room and attacking him.

So, you know Turner and Hooch but there’s the criminals and the owner and Turners girlfriend who likes hooch but Tom, not so much. The key moments in this film are when: the owner dies, Turner having to look after Hooch, Turner finding a girlfriend #yuck, Turner realising he loves hooch and a super sad ending which is devastating. I’m not crying your crying!!!

What I really appreciated about this amazing film are the shenanigans that Turner and Hooch get up to and the laughs that they give you.

However, there were some bits I question, like all and all the sad bits, like there’s loads of sad bits, bring 7 boxes of tissues.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this great film.

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