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Water Primary School

Water Primary School



Last week our Writer-in-Residence famous author Tommy Donbavand visited our school for Anti-Bullying week.

With Tommy's help, advice and inspiration we came up with a selection of Kennings Poems about bullying. We hope to make a video soon to show off our work but in the meantime here is a selection of our work.

Trouble Maker                                                 Broken Hearted

Bag Taker                                                         Gentle Dealer

Heart Breaker                                                  Hurt Feeler

Bully                                                                 Target

By Faye


Bone Destroyer                                                 Damage Hider

Heart Breaker                                                    Pain Doctor

Life Trasher                                                       Friend Searcher

Bully                                                                    Target

By Ronan


Ring Leader                                                      Peace Seeker

Fight Starter                                                      Shy Lover

Bag Stealer                                                       Time Seeker

Bully                                                                  Target

By Sarah 

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