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Water Primary School

Water Primary School


Acorn Class - EYFS

Welcome to EYFS

Hello and welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) at Water Primary School. Your EYFS team includes Mrs Smith as class teacher, supported by Mrs Greenwood as the class teaching assistant.


Focused Learning

We will read and discuss a range of stories each half term. These stories will be used during our literacy and maths lessons. Our focused lessons of handwriting and phonics will start daily over the next few weeks. Please aim to bring your child to school for 8:50am so that they can take part in our handwriting sessions before registration.


Not all of our learning in EYFS is through adult-led, focused groups. We also give children the opportunity to learn through play in time called continuous provision. This will continue throughout the year. Our provision will be enhanced with ITL's (Invitations to Learn) where special activities and resources are presented in the classroom (indoors and outdoors) in an inviting way to encourage the children to carry out tasks to help them develop and progress.

Early Years classroom

Learning through Exploration

Throughout the year, where possible, we will follow the children’s interests. We will encourage children to share their hobbies and interests with us and provide them with the opportunity to develop these interests through independent learning in continuous provision. Children will also be supported to independently apply the skills taught by accessing provision both indoors and out.

Minibus Mystery Tours

Each half term, EYFS will have the opportunity to go on our Minibus Mystery Tour. 


Acorn Class will have PE every Tuesday morning. This will last for the whole morning. Please ensure that your child comes to school dressed in their full PE kit. Children wear their PE kit, along with trainers, for the whole day every Tuesday.

Forest School

Our children will begin attending Forest School sessions in groups after half term. These sessions take place on Friday mornings. More information on specific dates, group lists etc. will follow on Class Dojo.

WOW Moments

 WOW moment slip

Small, WOW moment slips are still available in class for you to take and fill in at home. If your child achieves something new, shares learning from school, or completes a task that you are particularly proud of, please write it on a WOW slip (found at the entrance to our classroom) and we will add it to your child's learning journey.

Snack Time

In EYFS, we operate our own snack system. This ensures that children are able to try new snacks and make independent, healthy choices. Please bring in £7 at the start of the new half term, to cover your child’s snacks for the full half term until after the October break. Alternatively, you can pay £1 every Monday morning. Please hand in snack money to either myself, or Mrs Greenwood so that we can tick you off our list.

Class Mascot

Pepe the puppy will start coming to visit your homes at the weekend.  He will go home each Friday with one child. Please include him in your weekend plans and let him share in the fun you have as a family. Pepe will bring his pyjamas for the sleepover and also a notebook for you and your child to write, draw or add photographs to about his adventures with you. I look forward to hearing about his adventures.

Keeping in Touch

 Class Dojo logo

As mentioned, please check Class Dojo for updates, and follow our adventures on Twitter - @mrsejsmith and @Waterprimary.

Don’t forget, the door is always open so, if you have a query, please get in touch.

Many thanks.

Mrs Smith 


Water Primary School

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