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Water Primary School

Water Primary School


Class 1 Snow Work

Hello, I hope that you all managed to share some stories yesterday on World Book Day.

As our topic is Sensational Scientists, you could carry out a simple experiment today. Think of the resources, how you will carry out the test, make a predication (a good guess) and then carry out the test. A good one to try would be to collect some snow/ice and place them in different places to see which ones melt fastest (make sure you have a container to catch the melted water!) Can you make the test fair? Same size etc.

Please could you continue practising week 2 spellings and begin learning the new spelling patterms for week 3 spellings (these are attached at the bottom of the main Snow Day page)

Please make sure that your homework (due in today) is completed. I have attached the tasks for week 2 so that you could complete these today or over the weekend (these are attached at the bottom of the main Snow Day page)

Please spend some time on the topmarks 'hit the button' website. Particularly the times tables button (focus on 2, 5 and 10). This is an excellent game to encourage speed and memory for times tables.

Please spend some time reading your home reading books. Remember to sign and comment so that we know how your child is progressing.

Please share your library book.

Our art work for this half term is related to paint and creating different colours and textures. Please design a robot with different colours and buttons that we can create in class.

Please log on to Purple Mash and carry out some of the 'coding' games. Click on tools, 2code and choose a game to play to practise your coding skills.

I have also placed some attachments linked to our learning at the bottom of the main Snow Day page.

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