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Welcome to EYFS

We have reached the final half term of Early Years! In EYFS, we have been following the children’s interests and, for our final few weeks, we will be focusing on animals and dinosaurs. As we get to work researching animals by reading both fiction and non-fiction books in literacy, the children will also carry out their own research using the iPads. Challenges with an animal focus will be on offer in continuous provision and we are also off on an educational visit to the zoo.

This trip is set to take place on Friday 22nd June. Our destination? Blackpool Zoo. The children are extremely excited and we have been carrying out online research about which animals are at the zoo. Many thanks to everyone who has returned their permission slip and thank you to everyone for contributing towards the cost of the visit. 


Throughout the next half term, Mr Smedley will continue to lead PE every Monday morning. This will last for the whole morning. Please ensure that your child comes to school dressed in their PE kit. This can be worn underneath a tracksuit. Children will now wear their PE kit, along with trainers, for the whole day.

Forest School

Our Forest School slot this half term will be Friday mornings, which means that children can come into school wearing their Forest School clothes with their uniform and school shoes in a labelled carrier bag. Information on groups will be posted on Class Dojo.

Snack Time

Many thanks to everyone for supporting our continuous snack system. If you would like your child to have snack this half term, please bring in £7 at the start of the half term, which will cover your child’s snacks until the end of the year. Alternatively, you can pay £1 every Monday morning. Please hand in snack money to a member of staff so that we can tick you off our list.

Class Mascot

Boo the monkey is still enjoying his weekend adventures. We cannot wait to find out who he will be visiting next! Boo will continue to go home every Friday with one child. Please include him in your plans and let him share in the fun you have as a family. Boo will bring his pyjamas for the sleepover and also a notebook for you and your child to write, draw or add photos to about his adventures with you. Please return Boo to school on Monday.

Focused Learning

We will be reading and discussing a range of stories each half term. These stories will be used during our literacy and maths lessons. We will also continue to teach your child handwriting and phonics. Not all of our learning in EYFS is through adult-led, focused groups. We will also continue to give children the opportunity to learn through play in continuous provision. 

Learning through Play

We will continue to follow the children’s interests, encouraging them to share their hobbies with us and providing them with the opportunity to develop these interests through independent learning in continuous provision. Children will also be supported to independently apply the skills taught by accessing provision both indoors and out.


In EYFS we concentrate on numerals 0 to 20. Throughout the next half term, we will continue to work on recognising and ordering numerals to 20, as well as halving, sharing, time and money.

We will also continue to explore shape (both 2D and 3D), capacity, distance and size, as well as work on our number formation. Please help at home by counting forwards and backwards to 20 with your child, ordering numerals, and practically solving single-digit addition and subtraction calculations (using objects for counting).

 Class Dojo logo

Class Dojo

Thanks to all parents for connecting with us through Class Dojo. Please continue to check the app regularly for any messages/updates. 

WOW Moments

 WOW moment slip

Small, WOW moment slips are still available in class for you to take and fill in at home. If your child achieves something new, shares learning from school, or completes a task that you are particularly proud of, please write it on a WOW slip (found at the entrance to our classroom) and we will add it to your child's learning journey.

Keeping in Touch

As mentioned, please continue to check Class Dojo for updates, and follow our adventures on Twitter - @MissHodgson1 and @Waterprimary.

Our door is always open and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to us before or after school. 

Many thanks.

Miss Hodgson 

Water Primary School

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