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Marking and Feedback

At Water Primary, our marking and feedback policy has been developed thoughtfully to ensure the maximum impact. We used research from the EEF to help support marking and feedback in our school. 

The EEF found that:

1. Providing feedback is a well-evidenced and has a high impact on learning outcomes. Effective feedback tends to focus on the task, subject and self-regulation strategies: it provides specific information on how to improve.

2. Feedback can be effective during, immediately after and some time after learning. Feedback policies should not over specify the frequency of feedback

3. Feedback can come from a variety of sources ­– studies have shown positive effects of feedback from teachers and peers. Feedback delivered by digital technology also has positive effects (albeit slightly lower than the overall average).

4. Different methods of feedback delivery can be effective and feedback should not be limited exclusively to written marking. Studies of verbal feedback show slightly higher impacts overall (+7 months). Written marking may play one part of an effective feedback strategy – but it is crucial to monitor impacts on staff workload.

5. It is important to give feedback when things are correct ­– not just when they are incorrect. High-quality feedback may focus on a task, subject, and self-regulation strategies.

Please read the marking and feedback policy for more information. 

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