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Water Primary School

Water Primary School

The 'Water' Curriculum


Music inspires creativity. Children are encouraged to develop a love of music and nurture their talent as musicians.

Our schemes of work for Music are taken from the Lancashire Music Service, Charanga. As pupils progress, we aim to develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, listen and appraise. We aim to increase their self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement. 

Please see our Music policy below for more details.

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· Use of music from different cultures to listen and appraise.

· Opportunities to learn about the origins of different genres of music and to compare genres.

· Enabling pupils to understand and engage with the feelings and values embodied in different genres of music.


· Listening to a range of music, including music with different tempos etc., and discussing how the pieces of music make pupils feel and why.

· Developing confidence and expertise in singing and playing instruments, including improvising and composing, in order to develop individualism and identity.


· Working in small groups enabling pupils to develop social skills such as teamwork, collaboration and turn taking.

· Opportunities to take part in rehearsals and performances such as Young Voices.


· Visits from musical experts to help teach music and also to showcase music.

· Use of films/clips to enhance teaching and understanding of music and performance.

· Help pupils to understand how much changes over time, the influences on music and social attitudes to different genres.



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