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Water Primary School

Water Primary School


Our School Day and Extended Schools

Breakfast, lunchtime or after-schools programmes

Extra –curricular School Sport





  • Lead healthy and active lifestyles.
  • To create participation pathways inclusive of all young people.


  • Multi skills.
  • Fun and engaging non traditional activity formats.
  • Multi sports clubs delivered by teachers and qualified sports coaches.
  • Sport specific extra – curricular clubs.

Breakfast Club


The breakfast club provides an important start to the day for many pupils. It provides a calm and safe place in which to eat breakfast, to meet friends and prepare for the day. 

The children are provided with healthy breakfast including cereal, toast, juice or milk and the opportunity to participate in creative, fitness and educational activities.

After School Club


  • To enrich children’s experiences through structured and organised play.
  • To provide positive examples of healthy eating to create a foundation for lifelong healthy eating habits.
  • To enable children to socialise, listen and talk in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • To provide opportunity for children to complete homework in a calm environment.

Active Playtimes and Lunchtimes

Children are invited to participate in structured competition and sporting activity at both lunchtime and break times.

Every lunchtime children can participate in school sport which is linked to specific PE objectives and current learning. All competitions are organised by qualified members of staff.

This helps us to :-

  • promote readiness to learn and help sustain concentration levels
  • increase pupils’ daily activity levels and improve their health
  • promote and enhance the development of pupils’ physical skills
  • help pupils learn to develop appropriate moral and social behaviour
  • give pupils a break from classroom activities and a chance to let off steam
  • give pupils an opportunity to socialise

Water Primary School

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