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Water Primary School

Water Primary School

The 'Water' Curriculum

Religious Education


Our R.E curriculum was created with the goal of ensuring that our students are well-prepared for life in our increasingly varied society. The curriculum allows pupils to learn about many religions and get an understanding of them in the world we live in. The teaching of R.E is vital for children to understand others beliefs and make connections between their own values.



Links to SMSC


Each unit begins with the child’s experience and then returns to it.

Encourages students to reflect on their views in light of what they have learned.

Children are encouraged to consider aspects of the natural world in an exploration of Christian beliefs about Creation.

Children are encouraged to create their own responses around key questions.                        

Children will explore whether they think religious people lead better lives and think through what a ‘better’ life might look like.

Explore environmental issues.

Show interest in moral and ethical viewpoints and appreciate those of others.

Encourages active learning and gives many opportunities for group work across every year group as well as facilitating learning about religion and social issues.

In year 6 children consider how faith and beliefs motivate and impact on behaviour and if religious belief influences people to behave well towards others.

The idea that not all people of faith are the same is explored.

Individual liberty and the consequences of personal choice is emphasised.

Children are encouraged to find similarities and differences between their culture and those of others.

Enquiries across the principal world faiths.

Texts used to gain a strong understanding.

Different versions of stories (bible stories) used to compare life between regions.

The use of clips/videos to enhance the teaching of RE.








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