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School Development

2017/2018 School Improvement Priorities

  • Ensure that the quality of Science teaching is consistently good or better and that it enables pupils to build continuously on their skills, year by year, as they move through the school.
  • Review TA deployment within school in order to ensure maximum impact on standards
  • Improve Physical and Health and well-being of all pupils and staff



  1. Marking in books is done to a good standard- there is questioning to correct misconceptions, deepen understanding or more learning on which has been responded to.
  2. AFL strategies from TAPs model is clear in books. Children are peer assessing, responding to feedback and moving learning on.
  3. Evidence of child lead learning appears in books, particularly Key Stage 2. Children are encouraged to ask their own questions and create investigations around their Science units.
  4. Peer support is given across the school and regular staff meetings occur to ensure feedback is given, questions are answered and next steps within the teaching of Science are decided upon.
  5. TA support is implemented in lessons and from observations it has been seen that they are well equipped and have a good understanding of what is being taught.
  6. From books it has been seen that there are a range of teaching and learning techniques being used, primarily investigative based across all classes. This is also seen through photographic evidence. This also links to the idea of different learning styles, as these are being considered when planning lessons.
  7. The topic of ‘Robots’ incorporated the use of ICT into Science and allowed the children to use a 3D printer.
  8. Feedback from children shows they are enthusiastic, can remember what they have learnt and have made progress in Science. They enjoy writing in Science and would like to have more freedom in this.
  9. Presentation in books is good.
  10. Silver Award achieved 

Teaching Assistant / Support roles

  1. TA appraisals completed – clarification of expectations and next steps for further development of TAs. Development of TA area/subject, TAs well established in new role and having an impact. For example, SEN Assistant completing admin duties. Our school is fully utilising the expertise of all staff. SEND/TA Learning Walk completed  – improved delegation of TAs by teachers, all pupils with SEN demonstrated positive attitudes to their learning, SENDCo observed that tasks given to pupils were at their ability level and that lower achieving pupils were appropriately challenged and supported through support staff. Any next steps have been fed back to staff to ensure further development in this area.
  2. Use of support aids such as Chatta to promote independent learning for SEND and LA pupils.
  3. Coaching of TAs by SENDCo. Even stronger Teacher/TA teams have developed.
  4. Focus on TAs during planning, management of what they are doing throughout each lesson, noted on teacher’s weekly plans.
  5. Steps made towards the restructure of TAs within the classroom, for example, 1:1 TAs swapping with other TAs to work with a range of children – good to ‘unvelcro’ particular children and also good to upskill TAs.
  6. Continuation of monitoring and evaluation form checks to ensure that interventions are taking place and having an impact. SENDCo has noted interventions taking place regularly.
  7. New interventions being used across the school, for example, Plus 1 and Power of 2.
  8. TAs trained to deliver more interventions, for example, Lego Therapy.

Physical Activity and Well Being

  1. Aspirational Days booked and delivered – Hotel Football, Burnley FC – met BFC Player, Man City, Yorkshire and Lancashire CC. All children now in possession of Water PE kit and wear for their PE Days
  2. PE days now fully embedded – Children are active for longer. More time for learning and activities.
  3. 100% of pupils asked feel PE has improved and the amount of time they get for PE has increased. They also feel that they have made significant progress in all areas of the curriculum.
  4. Use of Fearns High School and their facilities has been fully embedded.
  5. Y2 Children have participated prolonged sessions of swimming – new curriculum and fewer numbers in group have contributed to faster rates of progress.
  6. Mini Bus completed Road Tax, Service and MOT.
  7. My Personal best embedded into Assembly Themes.
  8. Regular Activity embedded in some classrooms.
  9. Competition increase for all pupils.
  10. Full ASC Programme including Breakfast Activities.
  11. Healthy Lifestyles scheme of works / series of lessons Y5 and evidence through Science Topics in all classes inc EYFS. 

For Data Impact please refer to School Results 2017/18

2018/2019 School Improvement Priorities

  • To continue to raise standards in maths by introducing new strategies and ensuring that the quality of teaching is consistently good or better. 
  • Further improve the quality of teaching and learning in order to support teachers to consistently deliver lessons which are good using and effective assessment systems. 
  • To further develop the wider curriculum, ensuring broad and balanced opportunities for all pupils.



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