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Water Primary School

Water Primary School

The 'Water' Curriculum


Teaching high-quality science through biology, chemistry and physics provides the basics for understanding the world.

Science is continually developing, it is vital to the world’s future and we will inspire children through questioning and investigations which develop excitement and curiosity about the world around us. 

Links to SMSC


Science lessons often involve group work and collaboration, providing opportunities for students to develop social skills and to work together to find solutions to problems. By encouraging students to work together, teachers can help to build trust and respect between students and to promote social cohesion.


Science supports moral development by showing children that different opinions need to be respected and valued. There are many moral and ethical issues that we cover in science including discussions about environmental and human issues, for example, global warming and pollution.


We encourage students to consider ethical issues and to think about their own values and beliefs to help them to develop their moral understanding of relevant issues.


Science supports spiritual development by providing many opportunities for children to think and spend time reflecting on the amazing wonders which occur in our natural world. 

We promote a sense of awe and wonder in students, helping them to appreciate the beauty and complexity of the natural world.  Students then reflect on their own spirituality and think about the role that science plays in their lives.


For children to show respect for differing opinions, on creation for example.  They study people of all cultures and backgrounds.








Water Primary School

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