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Water Primary School

Water Primary School


Skype and Spell

As part of the school's increased focus on spelling, the school is constantly trying to find ways to promote spelling activities both at home and at school. We have decided to introduce a new competitive game to the children, which promotes the learning of spelling in a camouflaged and engaging way.

In addition to skype element we have devised new and different ways to learn their weekly spellings. 

We feel it is very important for the children to find various ways to correctly spell and not just in a rote way. We need to encourage children to love words from a very early age and to be fascinated by stories.

It is important that children understand what a word means before they can spell it. Sounds are extremely important in learning to spell, but so are morphemes(the meaningful parts of the word). For example walked - the meaningful parts are walk and ed - walk meaning to walk and the ed meaning to walk in the past. It is important that the meaningful parts of the words are explained and understood rather than to just rote learning letters and sounds.

Hopefully through our activities at school and at home will enable the children not only to know their letter sounds, spelling rules but also the meanings of words.

Please see below examples of our children playing 'Skype and Spell'


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